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Week 5

June, 21 2019

The group manufactured 40 connectors for the battery pack out of a large copper sheet. Upon completion of connecting all the cells together, we noticed that we had two damaged cells. Upon realization of this, we decided to take apart the battery pack and replace the two damaged cells.

Week 4

May, 23 2019

Today we managed to complete the circuit connecting the motor to the controller. To construct the discharging unit, we cut holes in plywood for the Flange and was later mounted. The discharging circuit was also completed and the group is working on a graph to track and display the voltage of the battery.

Week 3

May, 22 2019

The throttle that was purchased arrived with a couple manufacturing defects. The throttle was jamming and the wires were not extruded from the correct spot. To overcome this issue, we cut out a small hole were the wires would be pulled through and covered them with electrical tape to enable the throttle to move properly. The next thing we covered today was assembling and testing the discharging circuit. Calculations were also revised and it was found that at 10kW power usage the motor will be able to accelerate the motorcycle up to 27.5 m/s (61 mph).

Week 2

May, 21 2019

A safety kill switch was purchased along with fully insulated quick-disconnect terminals, steel pipe flange and a grip throttle in order to connect the general circuit. We are currently looking for a set of tires, a chain, and a sprocket for the motorcycle, however the group is currently thinking to manufacture a custom sprocket. The battery was disassembled in order to discharge the battery cells for safety reasons. The heating element was tested with motor connected in series with it. Did not heat up the heating element. However, connecting the heating element by itself to the batteries (2S-1P, 6.6V) heated it up very quickly. It was decided to connect cells 2S-24P for discharge. 6.6V was tested, and the calculations show that the pack will be discharged in 32 hours. 9 hours a day, for three and a half days.

Week 1

May, 20 2019

Today we welcomed Edgar Hernandez, Adrian Ortega, Erin Brett and Ben Wenberg to the project. The new group members were introduced to the motorcycle and we discussed the plans for the summer as a group. We took the initiative to clean up the motorcycle a bit and cleaned the rust off the breaks, checked inside the pistons for water damage, and put the suspension back in. Because each one of our schedules differ, we have decided that two - three people will be working together on a specific task in order to increase the amount of work being done to complete the project. Fortunately, the size of our group has doubled since last semester and we are expecting more progress to be done on the project throughout the summer.