In this project we build robot for the VEX competition which happens every year. In this project all the members get to understand and work with the important skills like 3D designing, programming, assembling of the component in the robot and many more.


10 am to 3 pm, Monday- Thursday




Week 3

June, 04 2019

I spent all Monday researching the concept for the robot and the rules for the VEX competition 2019-2020 tower takeover.

Week 2

May, 28 2019

I finished working on the base today and now I am researching about the VEX competition for 2019- 2020.

The registration date for the VEX competition was already closed. I was researching the different options for us to have a competition. I spent the whole day researching about the college and the competition they are having in their colleges.

I reached out to some of the school for the competition but those competition was only for the middle and high school. I was still researching about the colleges and other options which we can use our robot for.

On Thursday we decided that we will build our robot based on the requirement of the VEX competition and we will use that robot for the scrimmage if any college are available.

Week 1

May, 20 2019

It is the first day of the internship for the summer of 2019. We spent most of our day transferring the robotics stuff in the new STEMatics room.

The stuff which we were not able to transfer to the new room, we transferred in the next day. Most of our day we spent it in organizing the stuff.

On Wednesday, we organized bits and pieces of the metal and the tools. The tools and the metal pieces we have was not easily accessible. we spent the day making the working place clutter free. We also discussed about how to manage the tools and organize all the stuff so that it is easily accessible to everyone

Since I am only one doing the internship, I spent most of the day working on the base of our robot. According to my plan I am planning to work on the base first and make it more stable.