High Altitude Balloon


An extension of lessons learned from Bergen Community College’s ongoing High Altitude Balloon Program prompted the development of a meteor dust capture and return mission initiated during the summer of 2018. A novel mechanism is being designed and manufactured to allow the capture of meteor dust at altitudes greater than 60,000 feet. Unique microprocessor flight software is being developed to enable operation of the hardware, record information gathered by temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, and conduct a sound level vs air pressure experiment.


Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Week 1

May, 21 2019


  • A quick crash course in Arduino and electronics (ALL)
  • Experimenting with spare Arduino (MALCOLM)
  • Ran through the code to understand all parts of it (ALL)
  • Managed to get all 3 thermistors working accurately at the same time (LANA)
  • Schematic was finished and now the board layout is being worked on (VITO)


Getting familiar with Autodesk Fusion 360 by trying to design given objects :

  • Zach - wagon
  • Guery - sword & car
  • Luis - sword

Rail support was printed but turned out too heavy out of the printer in the TECH building:

  • Priority 1 was to shed as much weight as possible by shrinking and cutting after marking all places that we can change to reduce weight.
  • As many eyes as possible are needed on this to make sure we are not missing any obvious and/or unneeded pieces (JOSH&IAN)
  • We will try printing on the LulzBot in the Research Center

Camera crew

Located a probable cause in the crashing:

  • GoPros will shut off at 125F, so ways to keep the temperature low while allowing clear visibility are being looked at (GREG&NAMI)