Ex-Sups: Excercise Supplements


The use of supplements to enhance training is redefining how individuals workout. Health food companies suggest that using different supplements will allow for better results including increased muscle growth, faster recovery, and more energy while exercising. Social media influencers and trainers regularly promote the use of supplements and a healthy diet to achieve the same results they have. On the contrary, there are some trainers and influencers who firmly believe that a healthy diet alone will promote the same results. Many people who are just embarking on their workout journey are confused about whether or not to use supplements such as whey- casein protein powder, creatine, and branched-chain​ amino acids (BCAA’s). The question that we are answering is whether or not these supplements will promote more muscle growth, greater fat loss, increased energy, and faster recovery. Is it better to introduce different supplements or to go the old fashion way and eat nutritional foods? The research that will be conducted will test whether or not supplements are beneficial.


Monday 10-2